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Beer bottles

The packaging matters. Dark, sturdy glass, perfect shape, and high-quality patented closure. Exactly such a bottle will transform your beer into a luxurious gift or a rare collector's piece.

Beer bottles are robust and environmentally friendly. They don’t break easily and encourage repeated use. They pair well with a patented closure, which can be plastic or ceramic. The sturdy bottle made of dark glass preserves the unique taste of each beer. Its wide neck is suitable for bottling or tapping beer.

  • Custom printing or detachable handle on request.
  • Convenient swing or lever closure.
  • Many shapes and volumes to choose from.
  • Environmentally friendly and designed for repeated use.
  • We supply them on pallets.

Beer bottle catalog (3.2 MB)

Offer for microbreweries

You can order the same small amount of productsin the same quality for your restaurants as the biggest breweries! Ex. glasses from 250 pcs (incl. decoration).

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