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Glasses and bottles

We offer glasses from the VDGLASS brand, which manufactures, decorates and supplies high-quality machine-made glass. Every step of the production cycle is controlled internally; from the selection of shapes and raw materials to the finished branded product.

Beer glasses

Well-chilled beer, dewy glass, a genuine experience. Every beer should have its special glass. Beer glasses made from quality, European-produced glass are appreciated by both staff and their guests.

Tasting glasses

Tastings are among enjoyable social experiences. They are suitable for various types of events. Whether you decide to taste craft beers with a bitter flavor or wines with unconventional tones, appropriately selected glasses always enhance the tasting beautifully.

Unbreakable glasses

Ideal for serving wine, alcoholic and soft drinks. Suitable for trips, hikes or picnics in nature. A perfect companion for pools, wellness and all outdoor events.

Beer bottles

The packaging matters. Dark, sturdy glass, perfect shape, and high-quality patented closure. Exactly such a bottle will transform your beer into a luxurious gift or a rare collector's piece.

Wine glasses

A glass of good wine enhances every social evening and lunch in a restaurant. The more delightful the wine, the more elegant the glass in which you serve it should be

Non-alcoholic drink glasses

Refreshing homemade lemonade, juices, bubble drinks or mineral water with coffee. Everything quenches your thirst perfectly and tastes best from a glass that fits perfectly in your hand. Non-alcoholic drinks reflect lifestyle and therefore deserve a nice glass.

Alcoholic drink glasses

Good quality alcohol or mixed drinks are worth savoring. In an authentic glass that hints at the type of alcohol, the experience is further enhanced.

Offer for microbreweries

You can order the same small amount of productsin the same quality for your restaurants as the biggest breweries! Ex. glasses from 250 pcs (incl. decoration).

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