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Acoustic bird control

Our electronic bird control - starling deterrent is to protect vineyards and orchards from starlings. The deterrent makes sounds of predators - wild animals that starlings are afraid of, which makes them to fly away.


RAPL is a reliable starling deterrent that was developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. We offer it in two variants – basic and extended. In both cases, this is a year-round, maintenance-free device offering significant help in the fight against starlings.

  • Powered by solar and 240V plug-in.
  • The possibility of any relocation (the bed is on a base that is loaded with tiles).
  • Everything is set when installed, no need to set up anything else.
  • Automatic operation according to the time sensor.
  • Installation including warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Crop protection on an area of up to 6 ha (when using 1 stand with 4 speakers).
  • The possibility of installing a customized solution.

Variants of the RAPL bird deterrent

The basic set of bird deterrent

The basic set is suitable for well-secured vineyards.

  • Solar powered.
  • 2 to 4 speakers.
  • Water proof module.
  • Galvanized column with diameter 60 mm, length of 3 meters.
  • Recommended min. distance from residential areas is 1km
  • Effective coverage for 3-6 ha 

Extended set of the bird deterrent

We recommend the extended set for vineyards which have higher chance of a device theft.

  • Solar powered.
  • 2 to 4 speakers.
  • Water proof module.
  • Galvanized column with diameter 60 mm, length of 3 meters.
  • Recommended min. distance from residential areas is 1km
  • Effective coverage for 3-6 ha 
  • Gyroscope – the user is notified when the device changes its position or location (alarm/text message)
  • Manual and remote control by text messages
  • Option to add an LED light
  • Magnetic door sensor – turns on alarm and send a warning message

Other specifications

The device has an integrated rechargeable battery, powered by a solar panel. It can also use a car battery

For vast or hilly terrain we recommend to use a few devices. A safe distance between the device and residential area should be over 1000m.

RAPL makes noises of different predators in regular intervals, including a starling in danger and imitation of a canon.

RAPL is set to function properly when installed with no need to be adjusted. It turns on and off automatically using a twilight sensor.

RAPL can be installed on a metal base weighted with heavy slabs which allows it to be easily moved as needed.

Other possible power connections: Adapter 230 V / 12 V – 30 W for permanent connection to 230 V.

RAPL is developed and made in Czechia.




Download the flyer (356.4 KB)

Our bird deterrent protect crops in villages all over Moravia

Mapa realizovaných plašiček

  • Velké Bílovice
  • Vrbovec
  • Rakvice
  • Znojmo
  • Čejč
  • Čejkovice
  • Mutěnice
  • Blatnička

…and in many others

It's our first acoustic starling deterrent. The device operates fully automatic. We required anti-theft protection and unattended non-stop operation.
Our RAPL was placed almost in the middle of 15 hectares of vineyards. There were no damages by starlings. During observation, we found out that starlings are staying far away in a distance and we can say the device works well.

Ing. Petr Hruška

RAPL starling deterrent met all my requirements for protection of the vineyard, in addition, OREON met my special request to place the device on the building. Despite the non-traditional attachment, the assembly and training took place without any problems. The purchase of the equipment was economically beneficial and the investment returned to us in the same year. I am more than satisfied with the operation of the deterrent.

Radek Palička
Výzkumná stanice vinohradnická s.r.o.

We are very satisfied with the RAPL starling deterrent. After installation in the vineyard, the device works by itself without any need to take care of it. It protected all our crops.

Vladimír Tetur
Vinařství Vladimír Tetur

RAPL protected our crops without having to worry about it. It met our expectations and the investment returned to us immediately after one season. In addition, instead of three devices, we now only have one.

Vít Horák
Horákova farma, a.s.

I was satisfied with the RAPL deterrent during last season, the operation was trouble-free and no starlings visited our vineyards. I can only recommend the device to other winemakers.

Ing. Petr Mokruša

The RAPL deterrent we purchased worked without a problem, but I would evaluate its effectiveness only after several years of use.

Ing. Robert Stávek

We installed RAPL starling traps on vineyards where starlings regularly ate the majority of our harvest every year. We solved problems with starling raids in huge flocks every year, but unfortunately they always landed on our vineyards and the harvest was there. I have to say that after installing the RAPL starling scarecrow, I personally saw how when this scarecrow was launched, the approaching flock went in the opposite direction, and for the first time in years they did not eat our crop. For me, I can only recommend RAPL.

Libor Svoboda

I am generally satisfied with RAPL deterrent, everything works as it should. We received perfect training, reliable service and the device makes a great combination of predator sounds. The efficiency of RAPL is excellent. I will definitely buy more of them.

Marek Tichý
Vinařství Volařík a. s.

We own a few RAPLs - starling deterrents only for a year, but we can already say we have a positive experience. Due to its tall base, RAPL is relatively louder and more effective than the previous devices we used and still have.

Luboš Cholasta

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